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The Friends of BCR

These are some of the pics of the beloved friends who have been supportive not only with the album, but also through the trying times we have been going through. We thank you very much and God Bless all of you!

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Lance Shaffner. Guitar wizard & BCRs Guru Jim Harris. It "looks" like hes working , doesnt it? George Harris. Mr. graphic arts himself, sporting the Stone Cold Steve Austin look. Steve Shaw aka "the Beaver".

the TON 'O' Fun Horn Section, THE BEST! Gina Kelley,daughter of Ramone and backup singer for BCR. The BIG MIKES: our Love Connection! Tons 'O' Fun, whats with the suits Beaver?
Market Bella Rossa owner Norbert and Jim H. Wes,Carllita&Holly Wes is bored,Carllitas drunk and Hollys NOT impressed with her LOTTO numbers! Phyl and her delusions of grandure! lil' Ricky Johns getting to play BABA LOO for the very first time! er,was that Johns or Ricardo???
Backstage at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS with Larry,MOE and Curly!! Steve Harris Band Road Crew 1999!