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We are Praying!

In light of the tragedy that has befallen our nation, we are on our knees before God in intercession for the victims, their families, the rescue workers, the survivors, our leaders, and our nation as a whole. Despit our many differences, we should all unite in prayer. Many of us, the webmaster included, have been affected by this tragedy on a deeply personal level. What we have been through has a nation will take a lifetime to heal from, but we must stay strong as a nation. A personal note from the webmaster:

"I am a firm believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of prayer. We live in a nation that has decided it does not need God anymore. We, as a nation, must turn our hearts back toward God. I also pray for God's mercy upon the souls of those who have died in this act of hatred."

The Steve Harris Band has withstood much heartache and feels a portion of the pain that many n this nation are going through right now. We hope we can put aside our differences and stand firm as a country behind out leaders. We also pray for wisdom in our leadership and for the ones who have sought to terrorize us to be caught and for justice to be done. May we show the world we are also a nation that doesn't hide in fear, but stands strong in the face of adversity.

I hope this does not sound too preachy, but it is most heartfelt. God Bless!

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